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Does coloring relax you?

The Book

If you like to color and if you want to experience calmness and a sense of well-being, this coloring book is the perfect coloring book for you. While the graphics range from the abstract to whimsy, they are carefully crafted to shift negative thoughts and feelings. Modeled after cognitive behavior therapy, these pictures reinforce that we are safe, we are not alone, and we are worthy of a life of joy.

Quiet Coloring  is a wonderful meditative art book that will help you stop the internal noise and find a place of comfort in the world within you.

"Sound-Rage. A primer of the neurobiology and psychology of a little known anger disorder" was the first published book on misophonia (2013). The book theorizes that misophonia is neuro-atypical disorder, not a learned or conditioned response. 

In 2017, a study conducted in England using Functional magnetic resonance imaging (a procedure that measures brain activity) validated that misophonia is associated with abnormal activation, functional connectivity, and structural changes in the brain and heightened autonomic responses of the body. To access the article click here.

The book has an international audience, and can be purchased online from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and in Canada from Caversham Booksellers.

Roughly 20%, or one out of five people, are neuro-atypical. We have to develop strategies for getting through life while experiencing heightened anxieties. We have to find ways to experience life to its fullest while minimizing the impact of triggers on our lives.

 I am a scientist. I am mother. I am committed to working in partnership with people to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering. More formally, I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (magna cum laude) from the State University of New York at Buffalo; a  masters degree in modeling and systems analysis from Texas A and M University. I have a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership and Social Change (2012) from the Maryland University of Integrative Health where I was adjunct faculty.

I am a certified professional coach (2015), working extensively with people who are neuro-atypical (OCD, ADD, social and generalized anxiety, misophonia, tourette). I am the founder of Quietspace Coaching (  My fundamental philosophy  is each one of us is  worthy of a life of joy. To that end, my goal in coaching is to enable individuals to be comfortable with and create change and growth. I teach mindfulness, breathing, and meditation techniques as tools to help quiet the “noise” and to help focus on the present.

​I have numerous CEU’s from  the International Coach Federation Maryland Chapter in positive psychology, conflict management, and business development and from the State Board of Nursing in stress management, pain assessment, brain health, meditation, and integrative mental health.
and have earned the  received competent communicator certification from Toastmasters International.

I write on a number of topics including resilience, cancer, mindfulness, and meditation and have published in numerous journals and magazines including  Coping With CancerThe CureThe MightyAssociations Now magazine; and The Library of Professional Coaching. ​

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