Navigating Life With a Neurological Disorder

This is my elevator speech: I am a scientist. I am mother. I am committed to working in partnership with people to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering.

More formally, I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (magna cum laude) from the State University of New York at Buffalo; a  masters degree in ecological modeling and systems analysis from Texas A and M University; and a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership and Social Change from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I am a certified professional coach, specializing in career and life transitions. I work extensively with people who are neuro-atypical (OCD, ADD, social and generalized anxiety, misophonia, tourette). I am the founder of Quietspace Coaching (  My fundamental life and career coaching philosophy  is that all of us are equally worthy of a life of joy. To that end, my goal in coaching is to empower individuals with the insights  and skills to effect change and growth. I incorporate mindfulness as a technique to help quiet the “noise” and to help   focus on the present.

In addition to the book, "Sound-Rage," I am published in numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. I am the author of two coloring books, "Color Me Resisting. A coloring book for persisting when you are too tired to march," and "Quiet Coloring. A coloring book for stopping the noise and finding self kindness." I am also the creator of "Color Your Future," a coloring tool for creating Vision Board workshops.

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